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If you own a classified ads website with public classifieds, include your ads in! Please follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a UTF-8 XML feed in the format.
  2. Send the URL link where we can read your XML feed to Contact Us (E.g.:

Please keep in mind that we only accept feeds containing vehicle listings as Cars, Boats and Yachts, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, Trailers.

Upon receiving your feed, we will index your ads in if the format is valid.
If you have questions, please contact us.

XML Feed Format

You can get general information about XML feed on Wikipedia. The feed should be written in UTF-8. The file has one ‘feed’ tag, and one or more ‘item’ elements. Each ‘item’ element has the following fields:

Required Fields

The following fields are required in the feed as they contain the minimum amount of information necessary for our system to include your ads in

  • url: (required) URL link of the ad on your website
  • type: (required) type of the vehicle where it located (*it must be type code. see type codes in the bottom)
  • country: (required) country code of the vehicle where it located (**it must be country code. see country codes in the bottom)
  • title: (required) title of the ad (it does not contain your website’s name or URL).
  • content: (required) description of the vehicle (minimum of 30 characters)
  • make: (required) make of the vehicle (maximum of 50 characters)
  • model: (required) model of the vehicle (maximum of 50 characters)
  • year: (required) year the car was made; format: YYYY
  • price: price of the vehicle (integer value)
  • currency: currency code of the price (does not include symbols such as $ or €. ***see available currency codes in the bottom)
  • condition: "New" or "Used". (does not include anymore)
  • color: color of the vehicle
  • mileage: mileage of the vehicle (integer format)
  • body_type: body type of the vehicle: sedan, coupe, truck, convertible, SUV, 4×4 etc
  • vin: 17 digits VIN number of the vehicle (United States only)
  • state: (required) state of the vehicle where it located (maximum of 50 characters)
  • city: (required) city of the vehicle where it located (maximum of 50 characters)
  • location: (required) full address of location (maximum of 150 characters)
  • phone: phone number of seller.

*The type codes: Cars: car, Boats and Yachts: boat, Motorcycles: moto, ATVs: atv, RVs: rv, Trailers: trailer
**The country codes: United States: us, Canada: ca, United Kingdom: uk
***The currency codes: Canadian dollar: CAD, Euro: EUR, Pound sterling: GBP, United States dollar: USD

  • pictures: This tag includes the distinct images of the vehicle.
    The field that defines a specific image is <picture>: 

    • picture: Image URL.
                             does not allow corporate photos. If we detect this, reserves the right to block your listings.

Please make sure that the new ads you include in your feed have the correct images.
Images must be at least 480x360px and maximum 1MB.

Example XML Feed

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <title><![CDATA[2013 Chevrolet Camaro]]></title>
    <content><![CDATA[We are proud to offer the best selection of quality pre-owned
        cars and trucks in Oklahoma. When we price our cars online we know that we
        are competing with every other dealer on the internet. That is why we have
        the lowest prices. Our number one goal is to give you a world class car
        buying experience. We will listen to your needs and assist you in finding
        the perfect car for your family and your budget.]]></content>
    <location><![CDATA[Norman, OK 73072, USA]]></location>